The Cover

We’re extremely pleased to announce that the original artwork cover for ‘The Man from Venus’ has been created by the renowned artist Pete Wallbank.

Pete is a hugely experienced and talented artist, whose work has graced the covers of books, videos, DVDs and magazines for over 20 years. He is an expert at illustrating popular culture and we feel very proud that his latest work is celebrating the world of Mervyn Robinson.

Pete has now delivered the final artwork – and the Man from Venus team is delighted with the result. Here is the final cover in all its glory, followed by some early preliminary concept pieces, which showed the work in progress as he built towards the end product.

Pete can be contacted via his website here

The final artwork for ‘The Man from Venus’ cover
“The finished rough visual which arrived at this point courtesy of much revision.”
“The beginnings of the finished artwork.”
“Storm lashed background now completed along with defining of image shape together with Tom Baker’s gravestone! He’s still alive as we write this, but he had his own gravestone in his garden for many years – but he resisted the temptation to add the second date!”
“Tree background and landscape loosely painted in! Next step to sharpen and define.
All 5 million leaves will be put on next!!! – Time for a new pair of eyes?”
“Mervyn’s Mom’s maroon Austin Allegro takes shape!”