‘The Man from Venus’ is the latest memoir from Doctor Who superfan, Mervyn Robinson. For many years Mervyn’s life focused on his idol, former Doctor Who Tom Baker. But in 1994 he began to have romantic feelings for friend and fellow Who fan Tracy Collingston. The problem is that she’s also infatuated with Tom Baker. How can Mervyn win Tracy’s heart? And where does the mysterious Man from Venus fit into this bizarre love triangle?

Mervyn Robinson was introduced to the world in 1989, the subject of the short mockumentary “A Day in the Life of a Doctor Who Fan.” Screened at various UK Doctor Who Conventions during the late 1980s and early 1990s, Mervyn achieved a brief cult status.

Having become a minor celebrity in the West Midlands, he began to expand his circle of friends. Joining the local chapter of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, he met Tracy Collingston, who had a dream job behind the counter at Birmingham’s Premier Film, TV and Comic Shop.

At the time of our story, our fictionalised version of Tom Baker – the actor who played the 4th Doctor Who to great public and critical acclaim – was enjoying a spectacular career resurgence. With a role in a new blockbuster movie, a smash hit TV detective series, a bestselling novel and a sell-out stage show, he had come to Birmingham on tour. After a publicity appearance on a local TV Chat Show, he was booked for a signing session at a nearby bookshop. An excruciating encounter with Mervyn and Tracy triggers an extraordinary sequence of events that has life-changing consequences for them all. Who is the enigmatic Man from Venus, and what exactly has escaped from a mysterious top secret scientific research centre? All will be revealed in this hilarious and dramatic tale.

‘The Man from Venus’ is a full cast audio comedy drama, based on Mervyn Robinson’s memoirs. Joining Mervyn in the cast of this extraordinary adventure is Sophie Aldred as Tracy, Emma Campbell-Jones as Vanessa, Alex Edwards as Ray, Timothy Harker as Venables, Mark Reynolds as Dr Voorhaven and introducing Stuart Grant as Tom Baker.

The Man from Venus – available now from Audible, iTunes and Amazon.

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