Adventures in Audio

A few words from actor Mark Reynolds:

I often hear my fellow actors talking about the plays they have created and are putting on in performance spaces. It always therefore struck me as a voice artist; why not create your own audio? The opportunity has arrived thanks to Steve Broster.

I had the good fortune to meet Steve a few years ago when he was filming me for an undergraduate medic training video. I can’t remember why I did it but for some reason I lapse into my Jon Pertwee voice. During the tea break Steve asked me if I liked Doctor Who. Just a bit, I admitted (I haven’t missed a broadcast episode of the programme since 1973 and it was indeed watching JP as the Doctor that inspired me to become a performer). I then realised who Steve was as he had filmed so many documentaries for the original run of WHO DVD releases sitting on my study shelf. Guess what, we hit it off and became friends.

Steve and I enjoyed working together on some corporate voice over work and our thoughts kept coming back to making audio. We’ve enjoyed a lot of lunches and a lot of curry nights and a lot of plots and plans and I am so delighted that we have arrived at this point and The Man From Venus is finished and soon to go live.

Steve has worked so hard on this project; in its inception, creating an audio script from a film screenplay and filling the demanding roles of both producer and director.

Mark Reynolds recording ‘the Man from Venus’

From my point of view I have been fortunate to be able to utilise many of my different voices in this project, from small cameos to my long held dream of finally using my Jon Pertwee voice on audio. There is even a nod to my other performance inspiration, Peter Sellers in my main featured role as Dr Voorhaven. It has been great to work with such a delightful team of actors and we had a lot of fun together on the recording days.
So we have our product and now I must help to work hard to publicise and market it. If you enjoy full cast sci-fi audio adventures that are in turns both dramatic and humorous, then The Man From Venus is for you.